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Hotline: 3698 3640
Email: eservices@edb.gov.hk
Routine system maintenance on e-Services Portal System is carried out from 00:00 to 03:00 every day. During this period, access to e-Services Portal may be affected. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
The e-Services Portal (hereafter called “the Portal”) contains sensitive personal information which should be handled with care. Suggested preventive measures are as follows:
  • Avoid logging on the Portal using public/shared computers or through unsecured networks.
  • After logging on the Portal, do not leave the computer unattended without proper security measures.
  • Logoff the Portal after used and close all browsers immediately so that others cannot gain unauthorized access to the Portal.
Click here to access to information on various professional development programmes offered by the Education Bureau, tertiary institutions and other educational bodies. Teacher users can define Training Needs in e-Services Portal and search training courses according to their self-defined Training Needs in T-surf24/7. T-surf24/7 also provides email notification service. Teacher users can choose to subscribe the email in e-Services Portal. T-surf24/7 will search and disseminate the information of training courses periodically through email to users according to their self-defined training needs.

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